These are a few of my favorite things… In my closet!

Now that you’ve seen inside my closet, I thought I’d share with you some of the items in it that I’m currently obsessed with!

I’m not sure how the weather has been lately where you live, but here in South Carolina and Georgia we’ve had some crummy days. I love listening to the rain, but getting out in it, not so much! On wet days I often don some rain boots over a pair of skinny jeans. I have a pair of the basic dark green Hunter rain boots, but not too long ago I decided I needed some color in my life. So I bought these swoon-worthy glossy blue Hunter rain boots to brighten up those gloomy days!

Wearing a bright pair of rain boots can change your entire day! Click on the photo to shop Hunter boots on Amazon!

Something that I’m obsessed with right now is jumpsuits. There are several styles of clothing that I just can’t pull off with my body type (I have a small waist but carry weight in my thighs and hips), I’m happy to say that’s not the case with jumpsuits! I feel amazing when I’m wearing a cute jumpsuit! Here are three of my faves…

This Garnet colored jumpsuit is perfect for a date night or event! You can even throw a black blazer on over it!
Chambray and polka dots are going to be perfect when the weather warms up!
I snagged this darling Free People jumpsuit from Final Cut Augusta for only $12.50!

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for any amount of time, then you know that I’m a HUGE Lilly Pulitzer lover. I snagged two of these adorable bangles a few months ago during Lilly’s big After Party Sale.

For the longest time I refused to wear statement earrings. My ears were pierced when I was three years old and over time my piercings stretched, so heavy earrings really weren’t possible without looking horrible! Lucky for me I found these awesome and inexpensive stickers that go on the back of your ear lobe before you put on your earrings and act as a new hole when the earring pierces through! It sounds complicated, but it’s so simple, and has allowed me to start wearing some fabulous earrings like these from a local boutique, Anna Kate’s Collection….

Click on this picture to see the ear lobe patches!

The last item in going to share with you is this amazing peplum tankini top! This was another sweet score from Final Cut Augusta ($7.50 😲)!! I can’t wait to pair it with high – waist navy bikini bottoms that I got from J. Crew!

I hope y’all loved seeing some of my favorite clothes! XOXO, Layne


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