Review of Pioneer Woman BBQ sauce!

Growing up in the South it is mandatory to love BBQ, and my family certainly does! Living in S. Carolina I have always loved mustard based sauces, but my husband grew up closer to the N. Carolina line in Myrtle Beach, so he tends to gravitate toward vinegar based sauces.

Our kids have fallen right in line and are developing their own love of barbeque. Claire Cooper really loves pulled pork BBQ that we often order from a local restaurant, and any chicken cooked with BBQ sauce. Noah prefers pork and brisket over chicken. Both kids, however, seem to like red sauces-both tomato and vinegar based over a Carolina gold.

I was recently asked to try Ree Drummond’s new line of BBQ sauces, and was given the Apple Brown Sugar flavor. The sauce comes in a glass jar similar in size and shape to one that you would find salsa in. The sauce is thick and aromatic, the minute you open the jar you can smell the brown sugar and spices. I was pleasantly surprised upon spooning some sauce onto a plate to find actual chunks of apple!

So far we have used this sauce in two ways. The first was simple. If you have young kids, my guess is that chicken nuggets are as routine in your house as they are in mine. So instead of ketchup or Polynesian sauce smuggled from chikfila, I gave the girls a ramaken of the Apple Brown Sugar BBQ sauce to dip their nuggets in!

The second thing I’ve cooked using the sauce is a BBQ chicken quesadilla. I’ve included a video below to show you how I cooked it, and Noah’s review of her lunch!

Overall, this BBQ sauce has been a bit at our house. For my personal taste it may be a little too sweet, but it’s absolutely perfect for the kids, and for people like my mom who can’t handle any spice. I’m looking forward to trying another one of Ree’s new sauces, it’s Honey Habanero, and I think it will have just the kick in looking for!



*I was given this sauce complimentary in exchange for my honest review of the product.


Anna Kate’s Collection

I live in the cutest town right on the border of Georgia and South Carolina, across the river from Augusta which is home to the Masters. I’ve lived in North Augusta, SC for about 8 years now and absolutely love it. In the sweet little downtown area, tucked behind our favorite dance studio, you’ll find Anna Kate’s Collection. AK’s is a darling boutique run by Lesli Bolick, a fellow Southern mama, and friend of mine.

I met Lesli through a fitness class she was teaching (did I mention she is multi-talented). I had purchased from her store before so we would chat often about new items that would be coming in. One day she told me that she was going to be starting a Brand Rep program. I offered my help, not just as a model, but also assisting her with developing the program. In my previous life, which is how I refer to life before being a stay at home mom, I did sales, marketing, and public relations – so I was familiar with a lot of the work that needed to be done. This was my first time being a brand rep, though, and I did not anticipate how much fun it would be! I’m such a girly girl when it comes to fashion, and I’m an expert-level shopper (just ask my budget, wherever it went). Trying on clothes and jewelry multiple times in a week is like having mini girl’s shopping trips! Often there are multiple reps at the store together which is super fun. Even when I’m there alone, Lesli and I have a great time! True story: I always leave something behind. I end up having to race back to the store a few minutes later because I’ve gotten a ways down the road and realized I’m missing whatever it is. Lesli gets a kick out of it.

Reps get to shop at a discount, which is obviously the draw. You can find yourself in trouble, though, when everything is so fabulous that you buy the majority of what you try on! At that point the discount can become irrelevant (I’m sure I put that budget somewhere…)!

Repping for AK’s has helped me with confidence issues that I’ve had in the past, and helped me feel comfortable in my skin. It’s also allowed me to increase my social media presence, and I’ve made a lot of new friends that way. My daughters have also had the opportunity to model for the store a few times, and they loved it! Here are a few of my favorite outfits that I’ve modeled, and a few that are currently in-stock! If you’d like to see all of the cute stuff that Anna Kate’s Collection offers then you should definitely follow them on Instagram-that’s the best way to see their newest items before they go on the website! Don’t forget to use my code:Stalvey10 for 10% off when you shop!

xoxo, Layne

Click this photo to go the AK website!