Tease Collab

On the afternoon of Sunday September 29th I pulled into the parking lot of Tease Color and Hair Design studio in Augusta, GA and saw several familiar cars (other Augusta Bloggers) – I was ready for a fun collab with my blogger babes! I grabbed my bag full of stuff – outfits, make up, different shoe options, jewelry, so on and so forth – swung it over my shoulder and headed across the parking lot to see what the ladies at Tease had planned for us.

The very minute I opened the door to walk in a very lovely and friendly face greeted me by name. Kristin hugged me, fixed me a drink while I unloaded my arsenal of photoshoot supplies, and sat me down in her chair. You know those people that the minute you meet them them you know you could have been friends for years? Kristin is absolutely one of those people for me. While she let her creative powers run wild and worked away at styling my hair, we chatted like we had known each other for years… Binging TV shows, being Moms, and so much more- I honestly could have hung out with her all day!

For the collab I brought my new fave Stevie Nicks rocker tee, and wanted to do a “day to night” styling with it. Kristin curled my hair and began meticulously twisting and pinning up sections of it one at a time. The final product was a super stylish half-up do that could be worn all day while running errands or taking care of business – with the cherry on top being a super trendy triangle hair pin.

My daytime look with my Stevie tee included high-rise and distressed KanCan jeans and Adidas Superstar sneakers with a totally on-trend leopard scrunchy around my wrist and leopard fringe hoop earrings to complete the look.

True story: I sweat my ass off during these first photos. Kristin had to fan my hair dry and dry shampoo the crap out of it before she worked on my next style. I share this only as a glimpse into how unglamorous a photoshoot can actually be, and as a testament to the magic that Kristin can work in her salon chair!

After dealing with the sweat situation, she started going to town with her curling iron, teasing comb, and a slew of different products to give me the perfect rocker-chic evening look!

To switch my Stevie tee to the “nighttime” look I styled it with some **life changing** Spanx faux leather leggings, black leather stiletto booties, amazing silver statement earrings, and a fah-bu-lousss sequin bomber jacket.

I absolutely love the looks Kristin created for my hair – we were so in sync with the vibe we wanted, and I think the hair and outfits came together so perfectly!

I can’t thank the ladies of Tease enough for hosting us. We had a blast, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new regular stylist – or special event stylist. Luckily you don’t have to take my word for it since I’ve got photographic proof!

A special thank you to Samantha at Guillebeau Photo for her amazing photography skills!

Hope you enjoyed this collab recap!

xoxo, Layne

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A look into my closet…

There are a few spaces that are sacred to women… our purse, our bed, and for some our closet. I have to admit, that I’m usually pretty abusive to my closet. Often as I’m trying to find an outfit to wear I try on multiple things and the rejected pieces end up tossed on the floor or draped over my clothes hamper. I’m also super guilty of doing the laundry, folding the clean clothes, and then leaving them in a pile to be put away for over a week. I don’t know why hanging the clothes up seems so daunting, but it’s that last step that I dread.  I think a lot of my fellow Mama’s can probably relate.

A few months ago I realized my closet needed a total makeover. I have a decent sized space, nothing excessive, but since we built our current home I was able to get more space than if we purchased an older home where closets can be super small. I consulted with multiple experts (my girlfriends), did some Pinterest searching, and came up with a plan. As I walk you through my process, you’ll see I added a ton of links to help you if you realize that I’m a genius and you need these things! 😉

Who watches Schitt’s Creek? Don’t you just LOVE my shirt?


The first thing I decided to do was to put everything on the same (or same color) hangers. I opted for white plastic- realistically this fit my budget and lifestyle. I’ve used felt before, but saw it rubbing off on certain materials, and I didn’t even consider wood-because what am I, made of money?!  White plastic it is! All of my pants are on the same style hanger, all tops on another, and then my outerwear and dresses on another.


The next step I took was to decide what I wanted to keep in my closet. For example, did I want to keep all of my clothes hanging at the same time, or only the current season? If I were to store certain items would I want them close by, or could they be packed away and put in our storage room? Ultimately I decided to keep most things out and hanging, or at least easily accessible. South Carolina weather is absolutely nuts, one day it can be 78 degrees and the next 45 so keeping both tanks and sweaters handy is a must. I purchased these over-sized woven storage cubes from Target and some basic cardboard gift tags to use as labels. The labels are helpful, but also pleasing to the eye. My off-season items, or things that I didn’t use regularly I put in these baskets and stored on my top shelf.


Once I had decided what would stay out and what I would be putting away, I was able to begin the organization process. The end result were clothing items sorted by description (tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear) and then “subcatagories” (tops: tanks, short sleeve, button-ups, long sleeves, sweaters), and finally arranged by color in the manner of ROYGBV.

I decided to utilize one of my shelves as a jewelry counter. I purchased adorable hooks from Marshall’s and using Command velcro strips secured them to the back wall of the shelf to serve as necklace holders. Also at Marshall’s I purchased very pretty rose-champagne colored jewelry trays and a cute mirror. The rest of my shelves store my shoes. To maximize space, I installed a very thin curtain rod at the top of one shelf so that I could hang my high-heels and still have space to store other shoes underneath them. This also allows me to see all of my options without having to go digging for the perfect pair! A very inexpensive, but effective trick that I started doing years ago to help with storing boots, and keeping them in tip-top shape is to cut up a foam pool noodle into the correct portions, and use the noodle to prop up the shafts of the taller boots. I could go on, but I already hear this sounding dirty in my head, so I’ll just show you a picture!



Also, here is a shot that gives you a little glimpse of my jewelry and shoes!



If you study the pictures you can also see that I purchased shelf dividers and used them to help store some of my graphic tees, wire baskets for my swimsuits, as well as wire baskets underneath my bottom shelf that hold socks, hosiery, etc. In the corner I have a small 3 shelf unit that I purchased for only $40 at Home Goods (score!), although the shelves are more like bins- I keep my sneakers in one bin, sandals in another, and hats in the third. On top of this useful piece of furniture I lay out my sunglasses for display. The last little touch I added was to put Command hooks on the outside of my built-in shelving so that I could hang things like bras I wear frequently and my robes.


Listen, it’s not fancy and I shopped on a budget, but by organizing what I have and making the best use of the space I was able to create something much more aesthetically pleasing than the average Joe’s closet. What do you think? I would love to hear some of your organizational tips, or even help you if you’re struggling with ideas to beautify your closet space!

In my next post, I’m going to share with y’all a few snaps of my current favorite items in my closet, and why I love them! Till then… XOXO, Layne