Review of Pioneer Woman BBQ sauce!

Growing up in the South it is mandatory to love BBQ, and my family certainly does! Living in S. Carolina I have always loved mustard based sauces, but my husband grew up closer to the N. Carolina line in Myrtle Beach, so he tends to gravitate toward vinegar based sauces.

Our kids have fallen right in line and are developing their own love of barbeque. Claire Cooper really loves pulled pork BBQ that we often order from a local restaurant, and any chicken cooked with BBQ sauce. Noah prefers pork and brisket over chicken. Both kids, however, seem to like red sauces-both tomato and vinegar based over a Carolina gold.

I was recently asked to try Ree Drummond’s new line of BBQ sauces, and was given the Apple Brown Sugar flavor. The sauce comes in a glass jar similar in size and shape to one that you would find salsa in. The sauce is thick and aromatic, the minute you open the jar you can smell the brown sugar and spices. I was pleasantly surprised upon spooning some sauce onto a plate to find actual chunks of apple!

So far we have used this sauce in two ways. The first was simple. If you have young kids, my guess is that chicken nuggets are as routine in your house as they are in mine. So instead of ketchup or Polynesian sauce smuggled from chikfila, I gave the girls a ramaken of the Apple Brown Sugar BBQ sauce to dip their nuggets in!

The second thing I’ve cooked using the sauce is a BBQ chicken quesadilla. I’ve included a video below to show you how I cooked it, and Noah’s review of her lunch!

Overall, this BBQ sauce has been a bit at our house. For my personal taste it may be a little too sweet, but it’s absolutely perfect for the kids, and for people like my mom who can’t handle any spice. I’m looking forward to trying another one of Ree’s new sauces, it’s Honey Habanero, and I think it will have just the kick in looking for!



*I was given this sauce complimentary in exchange for my honest review of the product.


You Can’t Sit with Us!!

Anyone else struggling with the after affects of holiday binge eating, or is it just me? For some reason this year I really let loose with my eating – specifically sweets, especially baked goods. I get it, “overweight” is subjective and every body is different – however, this body is the heaviest it has been since coming off of a pregnancy. So this lady has gotta get busy and get her butt moving. Leggings are my uniform right now.

I have a very restrictive diet because of health issues. Believe it or not, the diet I have to stick to cuts out most of the healthy food I am used to eating. The foods that I’m allowed to eat?? I am allowed to eat: enriched bleached white flour, dairy, sugar, fruit, and most spices/seasonings. Foods that I’m supposed to steer clear of: whole wheat, whole grain, anything similar to quinoa/barley/couscous, no nuts or nut oils, no shellfish, no pineapple, and no leafy greens.

Just take a minute to reread those lists and let it sink in. I’ll admit, I am allowed to eat meat – however, when you’re a mom of two young kids, have anxiety, serve on the PTO board, volunteer at church, and don’t sleep very well, you tell me… Would you rather cook a piece of meat, or unwrap a prepackaged morsel of goodness in the form of cookies, cupcakes, pie, etc.???

Yup, me too.

I started getting out of control over the Summer – I looked hot. I felt comfortable in my bathing suit (more or less) and I decided not to “starve” myself. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving and 10lbs (give or take), that I actually realized how far gone I was. At that point, the cupcake that I was eating whispered in my ear “Just wait… No need to try and quit sweets when the holiday season is only beginning… That would be silly. Reevaluate later. We love you, Layne, eaattt ussss!” So I did what the cupcake told me to.

Now here I am: 10lbs to lose, addicted to sugar, zero self-control, and no will power. Yassss. Recipe for success.

Imma bring this full-circle and explain why I just made you read what I’m now referring to as “The Story of my Undoing : A Love Letter to Cupcakes”. I’ve started trying to diet, cleanse, fast, walk the dog daily, go to the gym, all the things… and if you find yourself in my position and need someone for support, I’m your huckleberry. Let’s suffer…I mean succeed together! Stay strong, Ladies. xoxo, Layne